Reaver--guilty or innocent?

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    ET member Reaver funded his forex trading account with monies earmarked for education under the GI bill and boasted about here. He thought he was being clever by twisting the regulations that govern the use of GI Bill funds.

    Now that he has incriminated himself, the question is did he break the law? I am 100% against any type of larceny, especially if it involves the federal government and Reaver is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    I will learn more about the rules and regulations on GI Bill and speak with the appropriate officials regarding use of funds. I may also, depending on what I ascertain, refer this situation for an investigation.

    I think Reaver is probably a decent 26 year old kid who is a bit misguided and used poor judgement. I really hope so for his sake.
  2. Is this a joke?

    The guy served his country protecting your sorry ass and you call him out over some nonsense posted on an anonymous message board.

    Reavers a good guy. There's a boatload of douchebags on ET (starting with the P&R section)...go find one of them to harrass.
  3. Maybe he was joking. I hope so for his sake. If so, he has nothing to concern himself with. Nice of you to defend him. Being in the military isn't a free pass to cheat the government.

    And by the way, my taxes paid his salary.
  4. You took the words out of my mouth.

    I served and used the gi bill. And in my opinion Reaver can use the money for whatever he wants. School, drugs, clothes, investing..or whatever floats his boat.
  5. Too bad for him, you don't make the laws. lol
  6. Some people really, really need to get a life.


    If this is all you have to occupy your free time, I suggest taking this wasted energy and do something actually productive with it. Maybe learn how to trade or something.

  7. Your taxes didn't pay shit. Stop being a hump.

    You have too much free time...go to the park and feed the pigeons.

  8. That is true.

    By the way. Internet shorthand is very juvenile. I would lose that.
  9. maxpi


    Wow, an investigation, somehow I don't think you are going to stir up much activity from the feds or whoever would be prosecuting the case...... the next step might be that they have to prosecute their own department for wasting money.......
  10. This would make for an excellent episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
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