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    What are some reasons NOT to vote for Republicans, Democrats or Libertarians. We all know no party is perfect, not even Libertarians (my party).

    Republican: Do you want your kids to think the earth is only 6,000 yrs old?

    Democrat: Never met a tax they didn't like.

    Libertarian: When the hell do you ever hear from this party. Are you guys still alive?
  2. 1. Republicans and Democrats are not all that much different... basically, sides of the same coin.

    2. Americans are too politically naive to vote for anything but the status quo.... even when it damages us. Maybe that changes when we perceive the crisis, but that may be a long way off yet.
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    Republicans: Had complete control and couldn't get shit done.

    Democrats: Want to turn illegal aliens into Democrat voters

    Libertarians: Can you guys come up with a better idea to base your platform on then legalizing drugs? Use the FairTax in a bigger way.
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    Republicans: Medicare prescription drug benefits........what were you guys thinking?

    Democrats: The war against the individual.

    Libertarians: Would you defend America's borders? I'm not so sure about that.
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    Republicans: Hell bent on controlling people through their religious dogma. You guys have got to ease up on this or the party will continue to turn people away.

    Democrats: Think America is great because of government. Screw that, America is great, because of liberty, individualism, ideas and business.

    Libertarians: Never mounted a serious third-party campaign.
  6. Is not anything but a two party system an invitation to make libertarianism impossible?

    I know I have 8 parties to vote for and the government here is bigger than most places.

    If there are so many groups to fight for why would it be possible to have more than one party fighting for less government when there are so many things the government can do?

    I know in the UK there are 3 political parties and the government there is bigger than in the us.

    if only one party is accountable for delivering lower taxes how will more parties to vote for help make this party bigger?
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    I think alot of republicans here basically have a libertarian philosophy, but feel stuck with the republican party, since the libertarian party here remains virtually invisible. Ron Paul was a libertarian running as a republican with great ideas, but unfortunately lacks the charisma and youth of someone like Obama.

    The Republicans so far, have not given any reason to a Libertarian to vote for them. None. I want to hear strong talk on issues of tax reform (FairTax), energy independence, cutting way back on the size of gov't, welfare reform, controlling deficits, fixing social security & medicare,etc.
  8. "Charisma" = promise of free ice cream?

    Would it be correct to say Hitler had charisma?

    And while I watch each time I catch Paul on the tube, I can hardly flip the remote fast enough to keep from gagging when Obama appears.
  9. The best way to resolve the issue is not to vote. Thats what I do.

    Here it is for you. These are very true words.

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  10. As far left as George sometimes was on certain issues, he was dead on the money with his comic routine. He sure had a genius way to put things into perspective.
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