Reasons not to use Mirus Futures, Rosenthal Collins Group

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  1. Please provide any if you have, as I am just starting to open my accounts with them.

    Balance sheet etc. looks fine, I just would like to know if anyone has negative experiences.

  2. ehorn


    Very positive experience for > 1 year.
  3. Surdo


    No negative experience with Mirus Futures/RCG >2 years.

    Sour Dough
  4. No problems whatsoever with Mirus/RCG >1 year.
  5. ditto >4yrs
  6. I have only heard of a couple problems with their feed in 2 + years, which is very good. What I don't like is there is no centralized trade desk from Zen. Your IB is the trade desk. This is BS! Mirus is good, but expensive. If your broker is busy, say ProActive or Amp and you have a problem no trade desk which is a big freakin' problem.
  7. I'm with Mirus/Dorman, and they've been great, although I definitely don't appreciate Dorman's lack of real-time access when logging into your account. Can someone confirm that RCG has real-time posting of trades, balance, etc. on their website?
    Also, has anyone switched from Dorman to RCG while at Mirus, and if so, is it a quick and painless process?

  8. Surdo


    I am able to view "Real Time" positions from the RCG website.

    Both RCG and Dorman clear Harris Trust & Savings Bank, in an ideal world, this should be a simple internal account transfer!
  9. Nothing bad to say about RCG. Been about a year now.
  10. tallpaw


    Been with RCG for 5 + years and no problem. Can view real time results in your account with RCG's passport system normally within 1-5 minutes of finishing your trade (depends on how many transactions are done by RCG's customers at that particular time). When requesting funds withdrawl, I put my request in before 11:45 a.m. EST and get the wired funds in my account at about 4-5 p.m. EST same day.
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