Reasons for Why you need multiple accounts, multiple IPs, and multiple brokers

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  1. From my experiences and observations I conclude the following facts:

    1.) Prices are made by the Market Maker himself, not by supply&demand!

    2.) The Market Maker is a thief who always tries to steal your money by
    forcing you to sell with a loss.

    3.) The Market Maker uses dirty tricks (like mispricings, spikes, etc.) to scare you, so he tries to force you to sell with a loss.

    4.) Your loss is the profit of the Market Maker!...

    5.) The Market Maker applies psycho methods and runs a psycho
    program that makes (ie. manipulates) the prices to scare you and so to
    bring you in panic and to force you to sell with a loss!
    It's all proven scientific psycho methods they use and apply to you!

    6.) You get only that much profit what the Market Maker allows you,
    normally you will be forced to close your position with a loss,
    but if you are psychologically stronger and more intelligent than the MM then you can make a profit, b/c then the Market Maker gives up on you and goes on to the next victim in the queue...

    7.) You must be more clever than the Market Maker to survive against these thieves.

    8.) The Market Maker knows about every position of you,

    9.) The Market Makers do share/collect information about you/your positions.
    and how much you are in minus or plus, even of the other instruments!

    10.) The market maker does not only move the stock price, but also the many prices of the derivatives (ie. options), even each strike _individually_!

    To increase your chances you must disclose as less data from yourself
    as possible. You need especially the following:

    1.) You must have multiple trading accounts at multiple brokers.

    2.) You must use several workstations with different IPs, and these
    IP's must be real IP's, and they must not go thru the same router!

    3.) You must handle each position via a seperate route to disclose as less info as possible to the MM; ie. handle your pos1 via workstation1+broker1+account1_1, pos2 via workstation2+broker2+account2_1, etc...)

    <... append your findings and experiences here ...>
  2. Can you be more specific about your experiences? For example, what instruments do you trade?
  3. I agree to you on most part except the second section. You are a drop in the ocean and market maker has no incentive in spying on you. They go after crowd action and psychology.

    Multiple IPs and accounts is probably not helpful at all.
  4. I trade mainly stocks and their options. My positions are about 50k to 150k big, so you can imagine what dirty tricks the MMs try to not to give any profit to the trader...
    For example today I traded mostly options of COP, KIM, OXY, BAC.
    But it is not specific to any single instrument, I made the same bad experiences with many MMs. But I'm more clever than these idiot MMs.
    Today I made 81k with a 500k account :) That's 16%!
  5. How long you have been trading?
  6. Div_Arb


    Hmm.. I see some discrepancies in your story here.

    1) You say you made $81k trading US-based options, yet the market is closed since it's Sunday. 2) You are trading in tremendous size, yet you have 22 posts and you appear to be new. 3) You are complaining about those rogue market makers, which is the truest sign of a complete piker.

    My bullshit detector is is calling you out buddy. Get off daddy's computer and go watch MTV or something. Isn't tomorrow a school day?
  7. Probably you are safe if you trade on weekly and monthly chart. They run same tricks and psychological attacks on every time frame :) Face it.

    There is no demand supply in stock market. They move price up to create demand and drop the price to create supply.
  8. I trade 24h/day using automation and also manual trading.
  9. Sorry - my bad english. Could not convey you my question. I was expecting some response like "I'm trading for past 2 years or 5 years".
  10. Yes, exactly that's it!

    I'm a daytrader, keeping a position not longer than neccessary.
    I'm neither scalper nor shortterm (seconds/minutes) trader,
    my positions usually last less than an hour, but sometimes
    it can also take several hours, it all depends on the said MMs...
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