Reasoning for the sell off

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  1. Anyone know why there is a sell off like there is today? Can't be because of wonderful earning season starting.. Can it?
  2. sell off? where?

    amazing what passes for selling these days imo
  3. Pfft this is like a mild drift down. The only difference from other days I heard this morning was ML and GS were heavy sellers (and we actually popped nicely for a while once they were done).
  4. AAPL just dropped 2 bucks. The MOMO kids must be crying.
  5. I'm depending on people beginning to look for safety. In the last couple of weeks I have bought wye, jnj, bsx, and biib.
  6. The goal of any bull market is to shake out the weak hands before making a move.
  7. nope...


  8. loading up BIG time on ER2 relatively speaking
  9. more sellers than buyers.........without a doubt.
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    Very thorough analysis spooz. :D
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