Reasonable OMS for IB

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by slickpick, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Do you guys know if there are any reasonable OMSs for IB? IB plugin would be nice, but would like to achieve broker neutrality as well so something FIX compliment would be nice.

    The only real requirement for me as of now is the ability to track virtual PnL for strategies and execution at portfolio level.

    I've looked at ActiveQuant and EZE Castle's OMS (haven't heard back about pricing from either of them yet). However, I don't really expect EZE Castle's price to be trivial not sure about AQ. I've also looked at MarketCetera, however they seem to have been off the radar recently (website is down and no one at the office answered the phone all last week). Building my own OMS is completely out of the question as that would take up way too much development time.


  2. 1245


    You have to ask IB which ones they will allow connected to their brokerage and risk.
  3. Isn't IB on FIX 4.2? Worst case scenario whip up a connector.
  4. hft_boy


    Not really clear on what exactly you're looking for. If you're looking for automated stuff, there's some open source stuff of varying quality.

    Then again, what you're describing sounds simple and like it could be coded up in a few hours or so -- which is less than the time it would take you to find a product and/or figure out how to use it anyways.
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    I do something similar by listening to all orders/fills and storing them in database. from there I can see each strategy's performance and positions broken out. if there's demand (and $$$) I could try to package this up.
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    Isn't this a necessarity ? Or how do you deal with an unexpected connection loss (if you run multiple strategies on same contracts) ?

    My system in addition records in a table the PnL of each trade (open and close of position) and which strategy triggered the trade.

    OMS is generally straight-forward to self-implement. What however requires a bit of thought is how to recover after loss of connection ...
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    correct. I am not saying this is difficult to do; it's just not interesting. A necessary evil.
  8. i just saw another thread from you presumably about same thing

    since you're looking at open source, tradelink is more popular than all the open source platforms mentioned here put together.