Reason for blacks having higher instance of cardiac problems? You guessed it....

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  1. If this were the case, and leftist-class oriented policy was to blame, then shouldn't we expect to see better metrics for black communities and nations where they don't exist? The fact is we do not. Poor metrics (by white, western standards) exist for black communities nearly everywhere they exist. No matter if we are comparing black communities in Europe and North America, or black nations in Africa where there are no evil whites to impose racism upon them... Everywhere we find black communities we find many common features.... I certainly do believe that leftist policies have hurt blacks retroactively. Much in the same way that not urging a child to eat well or reward them for studying hard will likely have negative effects on them. However, blaming left wing policies is a cognitive error because these problems persist in the absence of them.

    That being said, I think the lefties/cultural marxists are the real racists. Why? Because they want to act like everyone is the same. This is an insult to the real diversity which does exist. It's an insult to the fact that blacks are different, and some of those differences are valuable, admirable, and unique to their people. They take a group of blacks, and if they don't act/perform identical to whites, then they say that there is something "wrong". Because "we're all the same", and if blacks don't act like whites, then it's because of "racism", or lack of encouragement, or some other social evil. Basically, they are told that if they don't act like white people, that's somehow a shortcoming, and that they need our "help". If they don't perform like whites in every observable metric, if they don't have white concepts of achievement and aspire to ideals which are virtuous to whites, then that means they are somehow deficient, and this is somehow society's fault. I have had many close friends that are black, and I can observe many positive traits, which are far more common amongst blacks for example I don't think anyone could deny that they are far more talented musically, as they have been behind pretty much ever major musical development since they joined white society. They are physically far more agile and quick, on average of course. If you look at the NBA, or the olympic medalist winners of track and field ever since blacks have begun participating in the olympics, this should be glaringly obvious. They also generally tend to have a much more cheerful demeanor much of the time, and don't let small problems preoccupy them. Of course this doesn't apply to all blacks. This is a generalization, which is appropriate when not talking about individuals, but large groups. The struggle for civil rights was about equal treatment under the law and that people should be treated as individuals rather than as representatives of groups, not an empirical claim that all groups of people are indistinguishable. These observations, and the many studies which validate them are observations about large groups, not individual men and women. The racial equality myth has long been apparent as such, and I think blacks have many redeeming unique qualities, which they have every right to be proud of and preserve, and I don't let PC doctrine get in the way of objectivity. I think the PC orthodoxy are the real racists, by claiming that "race doesn't exist" or that "we're all the same" which is insulting to people of various races. They are the real racists, by asserting that black people should act and perform as whites do in every observable metric, and if they do not then they are told that there is something "wrong" with them, and they need to be "fixed"...

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    Seeing such metrics in other parts of the world might be more attributable to the location. Seeing such metrics in the middle of the wealthiest nation, during it's wealthiest times even, wow... We did the human genome project a decade ago and discovered that the genetic differences between blacks and whites was far less than predicted by the prevailing theories of the time...

    It's pretty obvious that the smartest thing blacks could do would be to adapt and live cooperatively in the culture that is so hugely successful all around them. The Left encourages them to do everything but that and the Left gets huge political gain by keeping them in the ridiculous spot they are in. Without that bought and paid for black vote the Democratic party would be about where Libertarians are on the pecking order.
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    There are alot of socioeconomic factors which come into play when considering the fact that blacks are better athletes in alot of sports.

    Look at hockey, there are very few black hockey players, and the reason is that it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000$ or alot more per season to play hockey, once registration fees and equipment fees are factored in. The same can be said for a kid growing up playing golf, i think that is a big reason why white people dominate those sports. Obviously Tiger is an outlier. How boiut skiing/snowboarding? How many black ski/snowboard champions do you know of?

    If you look at something like basketball, it costs 20 bucks for a ball, and a kid can go play on the playground every single day then play on his school team for nothing. The same can be said about most sports dominated by blacks, for example if you want to run the 100 meter all it takes to learn is a pair of shoes.

    I think more than anything the reason blacks/whites dominate certain sports has to do with money. I would like for anyone here to point me to a highly expensive sport which blacks are dominating...... the whole thing hs to do with money.

    I think if you took 1 asian kid, 1 white kid, 1 brown kid, and 1 black kid, and they all grew up in the same environment with no outside influences, and they were all the same size, they would all end with an equal chance at sucess in every aspect of life.
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  4. Blacks have their propaganda machine, probably backed by the left. They say blacks invented the stop light, and some other little things. Yes, they contributed to the military, and they're great in sports.

    But you have to look at the big picture. We're subsidizing them. Because of our black President, who's half white, this country is in no shape to continue subsidizing blacks. [​IMG]
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  5. To succeed in football-basketball-baseball etc, you need strength, endurance, and discipline. Blacks do not have a monopoly on discipline. That's why whites are still in the above sports.
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  6. 1 asian kid, 1 white kid, 1 brown kid, and 1 black kid, and they all grew up in the same environment....

    Work that scenario out, for a moment.

    Problem number one.

    Give each one a speeding ticket and ya think the responses will all be equal?

    Problem number 2.

    Suppose the ticket came from a camera instead of a real life human.


    Same questions, but now they each get a second ticket.
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  7. Speaking of blacks and whites and football:

    Posted on January 21, 2011

    Peyton Hillis, running back for the Cleveland Browns, was recently asked about being a white running back in the NFL. On Tuesday, Hillis told Sports Illustrated‘s Dan Patrick that he’s often taunted during games for his race. The Huffington Post reports:
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  8. But regardless. If physical capabilities had no racial determinants, whites should be FAR more represented in those sports than they are. This really makes my point. This would mean that the NBA is one of the most racist organizations on the Earth. As you said there is little economic barrier to playing basketball, so that shouldn't keep whites out of it. Hence we should see MORE white NBA players and stars who are white, since whites widely outnumber blacks, and there is little barrier to entry. With regard to hockey, the reason there are few black hockey player is that it's not very popular in the USA altogether. It's more popular in Canada. The areas which it is popular in the USA, there are very few blacks. It's a northern sport, popular in colder climates for obvious reasons. This is reflected in the consistent championship teams in the Olympics. Same for skiing and snowboarding. Let's also not ignore track and field. You will notice that virtually ALL of the running world record holders have been blacks since Civil Rights. EVERY ONE! Is this merely because after civil rights white people just magically lost interest in Track and field? Is there some economic barrier which keeps whites out of track and field? Of course not. It's because black people, on average, can run faster than white people. Also, football isn't exactly "cheap", compared to other sports either, yet a highly disproportionate amount of blacks flourish in it. That's because most schools have sports teams which provide gear so price isn't an issue. So both poor and rich have pretty equal opportunities to enter the sport, but we sure do see blacks dominating it, despite being the minority of the population...

    Your point doesn't address why there are not more white people dominating the sports which have low financial barriers to entry(which are the most widely played and followed sports). If all groups were identical, then we should see blacks and whites performing and excelling proportionally to the population, more or less, in sports with low barriers to entry. Not only that, most team sports on schools are very low cost, because the school subsidizes equipment etc, and most schools have scholarship programs for poor kids for the fees which do exist. Hockey is not something which schools in the usa have a team or league for generally. I've never heard of a single one, actually. I'm sure they exist somewhere, but it's not common... There are other low cost sports which whites DO dominate, like power lifting... However, your point didn't really address mine, it really just sort of raised the question "why are blacks so poor that they can't play hockey?". If everyone is equal, we should see a proportional distribution in all low cost and school sponsored sports, why don't we? We DO in fact see HUGE over representation of blacks in basketball, football, and baseball. Why?

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