Reason #1 why NOT to live in Arizona

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    - Either that, or reason #3 why I need a husband ....Just thought I'd share with you all the special visitor I got this evening.... The Kettle One is there because that's what its going to take to get me to sleep tonight. Plus I thought it would give at least some frame of reference to the size of the monster that has decided to make my apt in Scottsdale, his final resting place.....
  2. Can ya eat those things? :eek:
  3. what kinda spider is that//??!!

  4. You'd have to ask Joe Rogan about that one....;-)

    Spider? No....that's a scorpion.....a big scorpion.....I'd have taken a better picture but its still alive and I had to make a choice to compromise the quality of the picture...or my life..... OK, that's a bit dramatic but I'm only a little girl (ok, 27) and I don't take kindly to uninvited guests....
  5. Hey...arizona rules. Good people, cheap houses, sunny all the time, hot chicks all over the place...the only thing we're missing is a beach. But in a few years after California gets swallowed by the ocean.... :)

    And big deal about the scorpions, they don't bite unless you mess with them. It's better than having a bunch of mosquitos (which AZ DOESN'T have) that bite you all the time...
  6. i know what it is.. and it will bite a big hole in you

  7. As someone who grew up in L.A., I'd have to disagree with you on Arizona ruling...I'm not saying Cali does necessarily. but it sure isn't AZ... and I'm not saying I'd count as one of these 'hot chicks' that you claim are all over the place, but being that I am a girl, I'd like to know where all the hot guys are;-) Oh...and we do have mosquitos, just not as many and I wouldn't voluntarily mess with a scorpion, they sort of just 'appear' so its not like I would have much of a choice. But hey.... if you're that brave, I can always save em and bring em over to your place....;-)
  8. OK, maybe the hotties aren't ALL over the place but they are at the places I usually hang out...ASU (except in my classes, I'm a computer engineering major...any chick in there looks like a guy) and scottsdale clubs. I'm assuming the "hot guys" are in the same places as well, but that was obvious logic.

    I've never been bitten by a mosquito here. And if you have a scorpion problem, I'm assuming you live near a mountain...MOVE to a different house AWAY from the mountain!

  9. We're in Oregon !

    Follow the signs. :D
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    Actually, I've been here for twelve years and never even seen a scorpion.
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