Rearden Metal appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by The Kin2, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. This guy is just cool. Please post any future calls in this thread too.
  2. I appreciate your appreciation! :D
  3. I concur, I have learned a great deal from Rearden Metal in regards to trading and the human spirit and perseverance.

    You're a good soul, sir!
  4. RM=kodkod
  5. hey rearden alittle off topic, but you were in the IDF. what do you think of the training that most reservists in the IDF are getting these days. It looks like mosts of the mistakes happening on the ground in lebanon are being caused by reservists. Do you think the IDF is putting too much emphasis on technology and decreasing training for basic infantry.

  6. lol what has anyone learned? he's a zionist arab hater who's filled with hatred. he posts some bs blotters now and then and when people ask him what's his methology is he says stop emailing him he's not telling anyone anything. he's on these boards 12 hrs a day. that sounds like a lonely single loser. star traders aren't on a net chat board posting every single second. stop worshipping lonely net junkies and learn to trade yourself.i'm willing to bet readern metal has many alias and one started this post. he's pissed some other bs blotter boy nyse killer who went from making $300 a day to 100k a day has upstarted him. only in fantasy net land can guys make millions a year and everyone believes them
  7. Unfortunately he is a libertarian but if you can overlook and forgive this minor flaw he is indeed cool.

  8. What's wrong with libertarians? Left-leaning Libertarian ideology = paradise.
  9. Sorry for bringing things back to the topic...
    See my DRL thread, where I was quite convinced DRL hit a bottom mostly based on fundamental analysis, while Rearden was convinced DRL had only started it's move down mostly based on technical analysis. I stood to my position. Rearden was right. Had I listened to Rearden, would have been about $20-30k ahead, and maybe would have bought DRL about now instead. Sound advice from someone deserves appreciation, even if not used; thank you Reardon.
  10. dave has many qualities...u can disagree with his political views but he is good fella, always available if u need help and suggestions wether they'd related the mkt or somethin' more intimate and personal...u just dont know him and if theres some1 envious here its u not him.
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