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  1. First of all, what I want is peace, not war. In order for peace to be enjoyed, both sides have to commit to it. If your enemy is pushing war and is unwilling to compromise, the only way you'll ever attain peace is to first win that war.

    Secondly, you just did yourself in. Pat Tillman and Mohammad Atta are ethical equals??? What the fuck???
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  2. Both sides have to commit to peace on who's terms?

    Our terms or theirs?

    Of course they are ethical equals. They practice their brand of ethics as equally well as we practice our brand of ethics. Both were fanatics.

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  3. Rearden.... your attempting to argue with a guy who
    wont even answer your FIRST question.

    Until he actually answers your question, this is not a
    conversation or argument, this is an ART sermon.


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  4. No axeman, I believe he did answer.

    Pat Tillman and Mohammad Atta are clearly ethical equals in his book. He has no belief that objective good and objective evil can exist in this world. He's the ultimate cultural relativist, and living proof of how and why human beings can indifferently cause each other so much misery and death over the centuries.
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  5. I know what your saying Rearden, and I agree about the
    relativism bullshit he spews entirely.

    However, when you asked:

    "Pat Tillman and Mohammad Atta were ethical equals. True or False?"

    You are asking him to make the call.

    His reply was that PAT TILLMAN and MOHAMMAD believe
    they are ethical.

    He did not use his OWN judgement. I still want to hear
    that **ART** believes they are ethical equals.
    I want to hear *HIS* answer, not his GUESS on what
    those two guys think.

    If he answers YES to this... well...what can I say?
    We already know ART is seriously screwed in the head, but
    I want to know just HOW screwed up :D


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  6. Ah, you mean like the fundamentalist Christians and Catholic church caused misery for people for generations?

    Do you mean like the white Christians caused the black people when they bought them as slaves?

    Or the white Christians caused the American Indians?

    There are always two sides to every story, you buy into only one side, and that is what makes you a fanatic.

    Were the US truly as pure as the right wing likes to believe, as we quietly generate billions in profits for oil companies, billions for defense contractors, etc. I might take your position with some degree of seriousness.

    Our hands are just as dirty as the next superpower.

    If this is a war of "ethics" we have to begin with being truly "ethical" ourselves first.

    We are a country pushing our belief systems on the world, pushing our religion, pushing our "ism" on the world, and we beleive we are right because...we are self righteous.

    I would be happy to have a society where we truly practiced the ethics of Christ, but that is not what is going on here at all.

    Black and white thinkers are as shallow as a dime.

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  7. Told ya this was an ART SERMON

    He has no intent to debate you Rearden.
    (He knows he would be crushed)


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  8. History is the exposition of one self righteous ideological group killing another self righteous ideological group.

    That the right wingers don't see their own self righteousness as something other than being "RIGHT" is why they are always reduced to the condition of fanatics.

    If there is a "right" ideology, doing unto others is about as close as it come.
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  9. Gee, ART, I used to think you were an amiable dunce. Now I see that you're just plain sad. Imagine having to live in the bizarro world that you've constructed. I shudder at the thought. Honestly, you have my utmost sympathies.
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  10. Thanks for your concern, it is noted, and its value is registered.

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