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  1. ReardenMetal,

    In a different thread you said:
    I've had thousands of political/religious/ philosophical discussions with Hamas/PLO-fatah-shabiba/PFLP/ Islamic Jihad terrorists. I know the inner workings of a terrorist's mind like you wouldn't believe. I know exactly how they think, what they want, when they lie, what they dream of, how they ass-rape and torture their fellow arabs, and why they blow themselves up.

    So dude.... let's hear it :D

    Tell us how these psychopaths think. I want it straight,
    unfiltered, without bullshit media spin.

    Really.... im interested in hearing some details here.
    Spill it :D


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  3. Two key words: HONOR & PRIDE above everything else. This is how the religious zealots (Hamas, Jihad) and the secular nationalists (Fatah, PFLP) are identical. Money, possessions, comfort, blood...even human life are all secondary, relatively unimportant values compared to the Muslim Arab man's all important sense of personal and family pride. This is why when an Arab Muslim's sister/daughter has premarital sex, the 'honorable' thing to do is to publicly kill her, in order to restore the family honor. Not all suicide bombers are devout Muslims. Take away the religious brainwashing nonsense, and there is still a massive sense of pride, accomplishment, and family honor when he blows himself up killing a few hated Zionists.
    Becoming a Shahid (martyr) is the highest honor in his society- much more dignified than becoming a successful businessman, athlete or entertainer.

    Point the sole of your shoe in his direction, and he'll be whipped into such an insulted frenzy, the Western observer would think you've just shot his dog or something. Compromise is never an option to him, only absolute unquestionable victory. Anything else would be an unbearable insult to his pride.

    Can you start to see why the very existence of the State of Israel in their own backyard is such an intolerable insult to the Islamic world? Why nothing short of the complete destruction of the Jewish state can begin to sooth their rage?
  4. Funny.... and I thought teenage americans were far too
    caught up in what other people think of them.

    These guys are WORSE. LOL :p

    Oh my god! You pointed the sole of your shoe at me!!
    What will people think??!?! Im gonna have to kill yo ass now
    to restore my family honor/pride.

    Sick fu**s.

    Just another form of severe irrational brain washing. Greeeaaat.


  5. Honor & Pride? What's that? Sounds like the Marines. Die for your country.

    Fanaticism is fanaticism.

    When the fanatic is fighting on your side you love the fanatic, when he turns on you hate him.

  6. How many (non-Muslim) marines would feel honored to murder their own sister for the sake of family pride? How many take pride in deliberately targeting & killing civilian non-combatants?

    As usual ART, you just don't get it.
  7. As usual, you don't get that fanaticsm is fanaticism.

    That we have a more "evolved" brand of it makes it fanaticism none the less.

  8. Question for ART:

    Pat Tillman and Mohammad Atta were ethical equals. True or False?
  9. Ethical equals, sure. They both believed themselves to be ethical.

    What you really want is a religious war, a cultureal war, just admit it.

  10. The question was NOT if THEY believed they were ethical.
    You answered your OWN question.

    Now try answering REARDENS question.


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