Rear Projection TV

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DataCruncher, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. someone is offering to give me their 50 inch rear projection TV for free. Should I take it and try to see if I can hook it up to my laptop for charting?

    On the downside, it's probably bulky and I heard that they can be a hassle to calibrate.

    Anyone here have experiences with rear projection TVs?
  2. You didn't mention if you saw the tv on. Usually they have images burned into the screen, nothing you can do about it and distorts what you are watching.
  3. yeah, i have a 70 incher--- ok for movie/tv watching but i wouldnt use it for trading--- bad resolution.

  4. nutmeg, good point you bring up. No, I haven't seen the TV on, that's an issue I'll have to look into