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    One of my favorite methods of relaxation : Building and riding toys . Attached is a photo of last years build project ... it came to me as a true basket case . Nearly every single part was separated from it's mate , cleaned , repaired or replaced .

    But ... I didn't notice a bad main timing chain tensioner and paid the price . A few things need redoing and I have designed and installed my own chain tensioner / guide . I musta done something right because the bike was still running after a 10 mile test ride . :)

    I still have to remove and clean the carbs . I simply pushed the bike in a corner last September ( after the timing chain came off ) and through a sheet over it . I know , WHAT NEGLECT .

    Anyway , feel free to share your preferred means of stress relief .

    pd .
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    Nothing stresses me out more than mechanical work.
    Love motorbikes though.
    Is that a kwaka, or a guzzi? Or something else?
  3. Put down your shot glass slowly and command your eyeballs to focus on the fuel tank. ;)

    pdcomm, nice job. (Do you have the "before" pic?) My preferred R&R is to ride them... wouldn't know anything about how to build/fix'em.
  4. PD, sweet ride.
    I like the human powered version.
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    Acronym , it is a Honda CB750C '82 . The seat is custom and the fairing is something I designed and fabricated ( partly as a windshield and partly to cover a few wrinkles inherited from a previous owner ). I'm looking for replacement parts but some are scarce .

    late apex , Thanks ... and as far as a ' before pic ' : If you can imagine a trailer loaded with scrap headed for the recycler , you would know what I started out with . :)

    uptick , Looks to me that you have 'sweet' place for pedal power ... nice pic :)
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    WOW !!!

    And the pedalcar ... lol . if ya don't wear it out first , has a half-life of about 17,000 years . :)
  8. Yea, I'm in it for the long term.

    .....and on a more personal note: If anyone can get the above strain, please let me know! :cool: :cool:
  9. Near vertical bank on top about 100 feet above ridge; bottom: shadow along the ridge at hull speed(120n)
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