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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by andrasnm, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. ok - one "competitor" bit the dust and converted to a blog.
    As I was noticing this I cannot help but ask myself. If I wanted to sell ads would I start a forum today or a blog?
    A Blog seems so 21st century and a forum seems like 20th still
    however 21st century may turn out to be a shitter....
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    Sweet :D
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    The has always been doing blogs anyway (specific writers publishing their insights on a daily basis). They are officially calling them blogs now because it's in fashion to do so.

    They're killing me with all those popup ads though. And I thought popups were a thing of the past. If I ever start showing you guys a bunch of popup ads, just shoot me. You have my permission! :D
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    Baron, get and use Mozilla (with NoScript add-on). Not only is it the safest way to surf. It is the cleanest - no ads, no flash, no popups, no blinking banners, etc...