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  1. Has anyone given this software a try. Do they give buy alerts in real time?

    The previous ver. was end of day only
  2. Maximus

    I've used EOD tradesprospector from its inception. For a support/resistance trader like me it saves me lots of time. Its the best thing going. Havnt tried the real time version, dont feel that i need it. To learn more about Tradesprospector, try their message board at Once u get there use the initials TPRSPCTR, that will get u in the room.

    By the way, u can find out for yourself by using their free trial month.

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    I use TPRT. it is like stering said. For a support/resistance trader like me it saves me lots of time.
    for the realtime version, you will need qcharts realtime data feed.
    it is still the beta version. TP has realtime alerts.
    TP is updating it very often.
    TP has one of the best and quickest supports!!!!!!! IMHO
    take a look at
    there you can see what the realtime version gives you until now.


    why not TPRT? it will save you more time, because the lines are already in the charts.

    best of luck

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  5. maximus -

    I've been using TP since the end of day version was initially beta released and have been using the realtime version since it starting to be rolled out. Both programs are slick and unique and worth checking out.

    The end of day version can be used to search for trading candidates based on different strategies and also has many option analysis and comparative scanning features. The realtime version has some excellent technical studies and tools that I've never seen in any other program and has a unique facility for generating buy/sell signals. And of course, the automatic annotation of the charts with the TP projected support/resistance is extremely helpful in visualizing the intraday action. The action maps are also a neat facility and you can use the predefined ones or create your own.

    It's still going through beta release and they're still rolling out even more new functionality every week, but the already rolled out functionality is easy to trade with. Note that they've concentrated a lot on charting and signaling and if you need T&S and L2 windows, they haven't rolled out those functions yet but you can just run QCharts at the same time solely for that until the functions are released.

    You should check their website ( ) and read the release notes noted by the others above for more details.

    Good luck.
  6. ArchAngel, elie,

    Do you feel the realtime charting is good enough to trade with or do you use qcharts charting as well?

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    like archangel said, if you need level2 and t&s , then you will need to open also qcharts. I use both together the same time, each on a 21 inch monitor. it is worth looking at it, and if you have any questions so feel free to ask or try the tp support(as I already said, the best I have seen til now)

    best of luck

  8. elie


    I am missing some part in your last post, any special reason?

    you also wrote that you use the volitality bands and bollinger.
    do you have it in the same charts? and what timeframe?


  9. maximus -

    I've been just using the TP functions and haven't needed to also run QCharts.

    I've been mostly swing trading indices lately and haven't had a great need for L2 or T&S. But if you do, you can just run a small QCharts window at the same time with an L2 and T&S window until they rollout those functions in TP. But there's nothing in QCharts charting that I need that I can't get in TP's charting (and a lot in TP that I can't get in QCharts at all).
  10. elie -

    I've been using the volatility bands two ways - first as one of several signal/confirmation studies being combined by the TP program's summary signal generator to produce buy/sells and also as a normal chart study with Bolinger Bands to help confirm SR breakout/reversals.

    As the chart studies I just use the default settings for volatility bands and Bolinger bands. Many times if the price breaks the volatility band but there's still room to the BB it will run and often walk the BB. But if the VB and BB are close to each other, the price will most often be contained by them. I'm using these on 5 minute charts intraday for short term runs and also on daily charts for medium term runs.
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