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  1. Hi,
    would like to get your suggestions for a fully programmable realtime scanner.
    At this time i use tc 2000´s easyscan, but are there better options out there?
    What about esignals´market screener plus?
    The scanner should be able to do an indicator scan.
    I don´t like trade-ideas because it is not fully programmable.

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    Yes, I second that. Medved scanner (along with the rest of the products' features) is phenomenal and extremely versatile. You can do a lot with the native non-programmable scanning features, but it is extremely customizable with their enhanced C++ interface. Only issue is that once you invoke the Advanced (C++) option on a scan while developing it, you can't go back to the native mode for that scan; so just make sure that you are aware of that.
  4. Thanks @hayman. minor clarification... Advanced mode uses C# syntax, not C++. (don't want to scare people :) )
  5. Where will the scans be executed, on my computer by building a watchlist first?
    Would like to scan all NASDAQ stocks in realtime. With TC 2000 or Trade-Ideas all scans are executed on their servers.
  6. In Medved Trader, they are executed on your computer. the scan is on a Portfolio/Watchlist. Some sources in MT can handle large lists. For example, TD Ameritrade and E*Trade are max 1,500. IQFeed and QuoteMedia are max 1,200 depending on subscription. Stockwatch is up to 600, depending on subscription.

    you can take the entire list of NASDAQ stocks and filter it - usually there are quite a few that very obviously do not fit your criteria. After that, do the real-time scans on the result.

    Yes, others do it server side, but there is a cost. 1) $ cost, 2) speed, 3) flexibility. You can customize your scans to do pretty much anything.