Realtime RSS reader?

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    I am using RSS reader but it has 10 min update.

    It would really help it you guys would tell me any realtime RSS feeds reader.


    I have downloaded and tried a few feedreaders, but this seems like the best one for me and its free.
  3. Just a sidenote. You can test your feedreader through the yahoo message boards. Go to the message board and you can add the rss feed. Then post a message on the board and wait to see how fast your reader picks it up.
  4. Sorry, one more sidenote. On Feedreader, it has a simple pop-up box that makes a noise when new news comes in.

    So when a headline comes in then I hear the warning sound and quickly turn my head to view the headline.

    Newsgator has a gimmicky interface with a streaming tickerlike headline, but its too confusing. I just want to hear a warning tone, read quickly and then move onto something else.

    I tried both Newsgator and Mozillas Thunderbird, but I found that they didnt update as fast as Feedreader and were too gimicky.
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    Thanks for mentioning this program. How do you click on the box and get the story straight into your browser window? At the moment I click and goto the headline in feedreader and have to click again.
  6. Go to tools, then options at the top. There is a selection to open the window in the internal browser or external browser.

    I use the headlines from real time headlines from marketwatch, yahoo for the specific stock that I am in, and cnn top stories for my minute to minute feed. I have it set to make a sound and pop the box up in the lower right corner. I hear the sound, quickly go through the headlines in the lower right corner and then keep going.
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    this program isnt realtime :( so I guess there are no realtime RSS readers :(
  8. It checks every 1 minute.
  9. Check out Attensa for Outlook. Since it is integrated with Outlook it has some features I find useful. Plus I get stuck in email quite a bit so it makes sense.
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