Realtime Residential Pricing for Energy

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    I'm not sure this belongs in the economics section, but I'm posting it here because it pertains to consumer spending on energy.

    My electricity provider is ComEd in the mid-west. They have this program called real-time residential pricing (RRTP) and they have a web site dedicated to selling the program to the consumer here, at

    The marketing material basically says that customers are charged an average price typically, but that people can adjust their habits to the market when the demand for energy is lower and when energy is cheaper.

    Sounds good on the surface, but I have a feeling that if the expectation of price is X, then under the new scheme, the new expectation is Y, such that Y>X, unless you specifically take drastic steps to avoid consuming power at peak periods.

    Does anyone actually use this program? Mind posting a screen-shot of your energy prices?

    Also, where exactly is the market defined for energy. Who are they purchasing from in real time where the actual prices are quoted?

    Or better yet, does anyone actually save money with this? Some googling shows that people are saving between 7-12%, but that could just be green-marketing lies and paid posters.
  2. From what I have heard this smart grid tech is raising electricity prices where its used,,such as california and such. The whole idea is to get consumers to wash there clothes n dishes at odd times to save money.