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  1. I was just wondering if there are any realtime stock screeners other than Trade-Ideas for less than $100 a month. I want to try something out and they don't quite have what I'm looking for so I was hoping there is something else.
  2. open a scottrade acct w/ 25k and ti is free
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    he asked for something else other then TI.
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    What are you trying to do?

    Scan the entire market for stocks meeting your criteria?


    Scan a watchlist of stocks for a specific set up?

    The only sub $100 watchlist scanner that scans that list for criteria that you define on X timeframe is RadarScreen from Tradestation.

    And the only way that is sub $100 (free actually save for exchange costs) is by making whatever number of trades with them. Not the best brokerage.

    There are other scanners that can scan the entire market for criteria you think up on your timeframe but $300 is rock bottom. And it goes up from there.

    Have you tried asking Trade ideas to implement your idea or suggest a tweak?

    Sometimes you can get very close to what you need if its not too complex.

    Scanning the market real time is one of the black holes in this industry.

    Disclaimer: I use Radarscreen and Trade Ideas.
  6. can any one or the previous poster share what are the top 5 useful scan searches in Trade idea alerts.
  7. Do you want the rules and how you trade it also?
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    Take a look also at Tymora - there is now a $50/month version. It scans a subset (defined on liquidity + volatility???) of the market (around 2500 stocks??) for a number of predefined criteria, many/most of which are what you probably would be looking for.

    I use Radarscreen, and Metastock for EoD and would use Tymora if I were in same timezone, might anyway just bfor the 2 hour overlap now they have the $50 version driven via IB TWS (level 2 etc not 2500 symbols).

    There is also tradegopher but i think trade ideas and Tymora's alerts are better. Tymora pulls together a lot of other info from disparate sources. I use my own custom programmed alerts in RS.