Realtime data analysis using SDK

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Splat, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. Splat


    Hi Everyone!

    Is anyone actually using an SDK to analyse stock data
    from a real time datafeed? I would appreciate any help
    in a brief description of setup i.e. vendors of datafeed/SDK
    and any analysis software that you use.

    I am looking into doing some analysis using something
    like matlab with an sdk if I find something suitable.
    Failing that I may hook matlab into Tradestation 2000i
    to do my analysis.

    I tried searching this time through the forums but
    couldnt find any relevant information.


  2. dozu888


    search for API
  3. Splat


    Sounds from your msg that you are using the mytrack
    api. I dont want to sound nosy but would you mind if I ask you
    a few questions:

    a) What service plan do you use?

    b) Also maybe I am mistaken but mytrack seems to
    have a symbol limit. Does mytrack have such a limit?
    If so does this cause any problems or hit on you in

    c) Are there any limits of anyother kind?

    Best Regards,

  4. SPLAT: the basic plan will do fully.
    the symbol limit (20) is implemented by their software client you are running, so it applies for it. i have not checked if they created a symbol limit recently for custom applications on the server side. there are no further limitations and the service is robust, but if you want several extras it will be costly, since the plan itself is cheap but they are charging for everything else (and sometimes heavily).
  5. Splat


    saschabr: Can I ask you one more question? How much
    do mytrack charge you for your datafeed and the use of
    the SDK? So are you saying it is 25$ p/m for the SDK,
    and 4.98$ p/m for the feed? Is that it?

    I really appreciate the info.


  6. SPLAT: Of course.

    Sorry for misunderstanding "basic plan". I mean the plan which costs $19.95. The real "basic plan" will only provide delayed quotes.
    You will pay $19.95 + $25 (SDK) + exchange fees. More is not necessary.

  7. Splat


    Thanks for the info. A good book I would suggest you read is:

    The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies
    by Jeffrey Katz, Donna McCormick
    ISBN: 0070580995

    It tells you how to create your own trading strategy
    using Tradestation and also using Trading API/toolkits.

    Good luck,