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  1. i may not be in the right place can some one help me!. i looking for a realtime chart service that maybe around 20$ a month i use choicetrade and there charts suck! anything will help...thank you
  2. go for quote tracker....i think it is free with ads and for little dinero u can get it without ads, if they annoy u.
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  4. He means the Medved Quote Tracker. Great stuff.
  5. Im with Bit and hoodoo. Go w/ Quotetracker. Been with them for quite awhile. Very pleased, plus support is prompt to reply.
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    -Free Quotetracker(QT) with IB feed about $10/month

    -Pay QT with IB about $20/month

    -Pay QT with IQ feed about $30/month

    -Sierrachart with IQfeed or IB about $30-70/month

    -Ensign with iq or IB $50-100/month

    The above is for US equities only. No futures. Although with IB feed you can also access futures and other world exchanges data.

    There are many great, inexpensive, and stable options now. If you cant trade yet due to money issues there is no better education than to get one of the above combos and watch your market real time along with Time and sales.

    Many front ends will also allow you to demo their software FREE so you can make mock trades real time with actual data so you begin to hone your methodology.

    Also there are other brokers who will allow you to use real time data (although limited in terms of exchanges) if you have account with them.

    Disclaimer: I use QT and Iqfeed for backup charts and data feed and would recommend no problem. Accurate, stable and great customer service from both outfits.