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  1. OK .. I have been making a living using realtick since 1998 ..know it like the back of my hand... HOWEVER-- during fast markets, i still get lagging quotes and sometimes even cpu lockups ... now, i run a dell p4 3.6 with 2gb of ram ... matrox 450mms quad w/ 4 monitors, .... 5mb of cable bandwidth i doubt its my system ....

    I am afraid to change platforms, but i really think its time for a change ...

    what i like most about realtick is their charting, and their depth of market (level 2) for options ... this is very important since i trade lots of options ...

    was thinking about cybertrader (they have option depth) ... was considering IB (of course) .. also Radius Pro (nexatech) ...

    any thoughts ??

  2. anybody ??
  3. Cyber is a good platform, very reliable. Lacks some of the add-ons Rt has, but it has some other nice features. charting is comparable to RT. Options DOM feature is very nice. It allows you to arrange your workspace so that you can flip back and forth easily between stocks, options montage and Lev II.
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    I have been using RealTick since 1998. I am not having the problems you describe and I do not have as powerful a computer as you. I have 36 RealTick windows spread out over 8 monitors. I have IB TWS running on a ninth monitor. RealTick charts are the best. I would not want to trade without RealTick. I expect RealTick to go down hill as a result of the recent purchase by Lehman Brothers. So, I may be looking elsewhere for a replacement sometime in the future.
  5. thanx ..

    does IB TWS have DOM for options ???
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    Can't you have both on two computers ? I have had experience with both Cybertrader and Realtick, and I think it's nice to have both, you are making a living .
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    I use RT. I had probelms last year when they were going through server issues and changes. But, no major problems in the last six months. Every now and then I will get some lag, but it is not consistent and it has never cost me money.
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    Where do you get your RT for free ?
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    I didn't say I got RT for free. I said the problems were not frequent and have never cost me money.