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  1. I know there has been volumes here said about this. That's why I wanted to start this thread -- to get a real quick idea of how this program is, how it compares to, say, TradeCast for order execution usability.


    I can't seem to find a screenshot on their site.

    OK I found the screenshots....looks ok, comparable to TradeCast in that feature at least...the program probably has way more features than I need...Trailing stops?
  2. Great for charting. I never liked it for executions. Plus, for new traders trading 100 shares, the flat fee ticket charge kills.
  3. thug, what DO you excecute on, and what is RT's shortcoming there?
  4. mbg


    Realtick is not fast for execution - IB is much faster there

    it is great for charting though, and if you want something like trailing stops, its good for that - but like ThugLife said, the ticket charge will suck you dry
  5. thx for your input guys.
  6. I am trading NYSE now, so I've just got a plain old DOT machine.

    For Nasdaq, if speed is your thing, I really liked The Watcher. I'm not sure that it's still around anymore, but there are several Watcher knock-offs that are probably just as good if not better - PointDirex, Sonic, and Broadway's "The Mach" come to mind. Broadway is in turmoil right now, so PD may be a better choice.
  7. Could you be more explicit about that, I am interesting to obtain more information about that.

  8. I heard Schonfeld just bought them.