Discussion in 'Trading' started by shneed, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. shneed


    Has anyone installed a new version of RealTick recently, and if you have, are you experiencing connection problems to TAL, like being dropped from server or your screen freezing up during the day?


  2. Babak


    I just signed on to RT 7.2 and have had no problems at all to speak of.

    Have you contacted TAL? 1-800-997-9630 (hit 5 for support)
  3. I signed on with TAL recently. I've lost my connection to the server once but got kicked to another server immediately. Apart from that everything else has been fine.
  4. Dustin


    I signed up with RealTick a few weeks ago so I could use the TAL/excel feature. That server stops responding almost every hour, whereas the actual RealTick software runs flawlessly. Please let me know if you find a fix.
  5. shneed


    I've been using the old version 7.1 for the last 6 months, I've upgraded to the new one 7.2 about 4 weeks ago and started to have problems that I've mentioned before. My broker told me that I shouldn't be using the new version yet, since they are not sure if all the bugs are out. I am not sure if the problem is the software (new version. I've reinstalled the old version just to see if it works better tomorrow), or it's my internet connection (I am using a cable modem through Adelphia Powerlink), I've been told that I am losing a lot of packets. Anyway, just wanted to see if other people are having software problems. Thanks for the replies.

  6. mjt


    Does anyone know where to get a Real Tick 7.1 download?