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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rafat, Oct 13, 2001.

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    where can i find realtick demo
    i want to study the data feed and decide if it is good for me
    thanks a lot
  2. Well, don't try going directly to Townsend and asking them. I did and was told that there are no "trial periods" which one can use to check them out.

    AS far as brokers are concerned, I'll bet you can find a few who will let you do it...I just didn't go that far as I already knew I wanted realtick. They really have a great reputation and after being a customer for five or six months (time really DOES fly when you're having fun) I can say that in my opinion, it is deserved.

    You might try They use RT and may still have a demo on their site.

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    Unfortunately there is no true Realtick demo that I'm aware of. As macal mentioned, you can go to Terranova, download the software, arrange with them to be in demo mode, they will give you a password and about 1-2 days to test out their software. Is that enough time to even begin to learn the complex software? Of course not, but that's as good as it will get. If you setup and fund an account you can then arrange to be permanently in demo mode so that every time you logon you're not trading real dollars (although you are paying for the software/data fees). When you are ready for the real thing you contact them and they reset you back to live mode.
  4. I get a kick out of Townsend Analytics. They don't give a darn if you use them or not. Take it or leave it. I guess they've been on top so long they've gotten spoiled.
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    If I remember correctly, there are a few options available. I received an email from a while back, and they had a deal with S&P Comstock in which you could try Stormchaser's software for a free week, and if you don't already have access to Real Tick, S&P would give you a trial of that as well. I don't know whether they still offer this.

    Also, I used PCQuote for Real Tick several months ago. I ended up paying for exchange fees only. I don't remember if it was because they had a trial, or they just had a money back guarantee. Again, I don't know whether they still offer whatever it was that they offered back then, buy you might want to check out their website.
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    One thing I forgot to mention, when you are using Realtick in demo mode (whether it's the 1-2 days they allow you without funding, or after you've opened/funded an account and requested it), there is a severe limitation in my opinion. Sure, you can try out most of the features of the software, but the order-routing is limited to one method only, called TAL-X. I asked them about that and they explained it was an internal system they had setup within their servers to allow you to simulate real trades. When I protested that it gave me no exposure to how effectively (or not) their system routes thru various ECN's, Specialists, MM's, SOES, SelectNet, etc. they essentially told me "Too bad, that's all we've got".

    So do the demo if you want exposure to the software, but be aware that it's lousy for simulation trading.