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  1. When do you use $TA_SRV$ ?
    $NEWS$, $QUOTES$ and $OPTIONS$ are pretty self-explanatory?

    Also, When do you use &HISTORIC& ?

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    The name of the machine running TA_SRV. If you use any TAL internet service (e.g. Townsend, ComStock on the Net, PCQuote on the Net), your client is permissioned to connect to a wide range of servers configured to deliver different types of data. In order to efficiently deliver the data requested by clients, all TAL servers are identified by TAL attribute names or class names. TAL attribute names always begin and end with an ampersand, and describe the type of data the server has: &ampQUOTES&, &HISTORIC&, and &OPTIONS&.

    &ampQUOTES& will denote servers dedicated to saving only the current quote information. Any queries to the LIVEQUOTE topic should point to this attribute.

    &HISTORIC& will denote servers dedicated to saving history on instruments - tick, intraday bar, and daily bar data available through the LIVECHART topic. Any queries to the LIVECHART topic should point to this attribute.

    &OPTIONS& will denote servers dedicated to storing the current values on options data only. Any queries involving options data, regardless of the table in TA_SRV, should point to this attribute.

    You can specify a valid class name for the machine running the service. The Permissions program which permissions the service to run can assign the machine a class name, which the communications .dlls will resolve to an IP address. For further information, contact For example, if your TQL query must go to a TA_SRV on a machine with the valid class name $LEVEL1$, you must specify $LEVEL1$ as the machine, in your code. If you have RealTick installed, you can view a list of all available class names. Logon to RealTick and click the "Prices:" button in the lower right hand corner (if you don't see it, right-click on the title bar and toggle on "Show Status Bar"). Once you have brought up the "Select Server" screen, the list of all available class names is in the right hand pane. The only non-descriptive class name is $TA_SRV$. This class has both live and historical data on all instruments except options.

    ...end of quote.
    If you are just using RealTick then you should probablly just leave the server settings alone. I'm not sure there is even an option to change them. Anybody can confirm this? Once you request data on a particular instrument, how does the system know which class/attribute that instrument belongs to?


    ps. hmm, when i tried posting this first, &ampQuote was treated as a special character (a quotation mark.) Things would be easier if you didn't have to know html to make your posts look right :)

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    One window on RealTick, Terra Nova provides is the Fundam.mqt, which shows General Stock information including 5 Year Growth, P/E Ratio, Earning per share, and a variety of other Fundamental Data. To view this information correctly one needs to change the server to $TA_SRV$. That is the only time I know in which you should change the Server to $TA_SRV$.

    On a side note, if you want to create a Market Minder with Options data, you will need to change the server to $OPTIONS$. Some people call about that from time to time so I thought I would pass it along just in case.


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