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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by silvius, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. silvius


    I am looking an end of day charting software package comparable to RealTick that is either free or low monthly fee. I like the clear candlestick charts and fast response of Realtick, but can no longer pay the $240 monthly data fee. Can anyone recommend a good package for me? Ideally I would like to be able to throw up my list of 1500 stocks and scan each daily chart one be one very quickly. Thanks.
  2. nljones5


    You might look at TC2000. I don't know anything about RealTick, but for $30 a month TC give you a great EOD charting program that is very easy to use for any number of charts.
  3. TC2000 seems to be to EOD choice.

    There are also free charting sites. There was another thread about this today. and were our free charting picks. I don't do EOD, but it seems that you might consider the free sites.

    PS - you can get the bare bones RT, last I checked, for about $160/mo.
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  5. silvius


    What I am looking for is a software package with daily candlestick charts where I can put in a list of stock symbols (1500 -2000) in a column on the right, and arrow down to each new symbol and have the chart pop up immediately (using a fast internet connection like a cable modem). This may seem to be a picky requirement, but when you scan 1500 stocks each day, the slightest delay can mean a diffrence between 20 minutes of scan time vs. 2 hours! Realtick is the fastest data feed that I have used so far . . . does anybody know of anything comparable? I have not tried TC2000 but I know for sure that StockCharts will not be as fast.
  6. Banjo


    TC2k is the fastest, just hit the space bar, nothing else comes close.