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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SWAS, May 5, 2010.

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    To all RealTick users!

    I love the program... so far...

    However! I use a scanner and look at hundreds of charts per day and add trendlines and support/resistance lines to them. If I go back to them in the same session they are still there and its all good.


    When I close Realtick and open it up they are all gone except for the last two charts I added lines to. All the others are GONE! Even when I save the Page and charts to favourite it only has a very limited memory to two charts.

    For such a comprehensive program one would assume that such a fundamental part of technical analysis such as trendlines and S/R lines would be saved if you decide to exit the program and say, open it the next day and still want to see all the hard work you did the prvious day! The tech support were really not much help and I spent 45mins on the phone with them with no resolution.

    Anyone out there have this issue or know how to resolve it! Please!

  2. SWAS,

    I have been using Realtick for several years and find it to be a very useful product. I do quite a bit of charting on the platform and have found that saving charts as a favorite seems to do the trick. I know it can be a little cumbersome to open them back up, however I feel that it's worth the extra few minutes in the morning.

    To save a chart as a favorite, simply right-click inside your chart, then click Favorites at the bottom, then click Add To Favorites.

    I find it easy to simply delete the saved chart favorites from the C:\TAL\Favorites\Chart folder once in a while after I'm done trading a particular chart setup so the Favorite list doesn't become too long.
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    Cheers StockTradeDave,

    This is what I have discovered this week also however the favourite is only rememebered for a short while by Realtick. I did end up getting a response from the tech support (below). I still really like the program and will continue to use it. I guess it means in the morning when I redo all my S/R and trend lines it gets me back in touch with the market...


    "This morning after reading your e-mail I began to investigate your trend line problem. The problem your experiencing is across the board with Realtick. I was not aware of this issue regarding the trend lines not saving on charts correctly. I was informed this morning by one of the senior techs regarding the trend line issue.

    Unfortunately you will not be able to save all your analysis trend Lines/support/resistance lines on all your charts each day. Yes it will remember the last chart your viewing addition to when you exit and open Realtick the next time. We have a case open on this issue that was discovered by someone else not long ago. Sorry for the inconvenience and I apologies for not knowing sooner this was an ongoing issue."