realtick....really confusing

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dac8555, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    i just moved to reatick becuse it is the platform my inst borker uses.

    I have been screwing with this silly thing all day. It really does not have to be this difficult...what a pain in the but. i can barely get it set up.

    I am switching ASAP, and i just installed it today.
  2. What's the problem? I have been using RT for almost 10 years, and it is pretty simple.

    Maybe you could be more specific?

    "I have been screwing with it all day" does not tell us much. I don't see why you cannot have it up and running with your chart specs in under 15 minutes.
  3. nkhoi

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    can you draw trend line pass the chart on the right side
  4. dac8555


    i want a really simple screen setup.

    1. Order screen..this is the easy one.

    2. Charting...the studies and theway of setting it up is overly complicated. I just want a simple list of stocks and etfs...i click on them, and the cart somes up.

    3. in that chart, jjust a simple candles with volume, momentum and stochastics..

    When i try to do this a million different pop up boxes appear which are far from self explanitory.

    from there just to be be able to quick draw trendlines.

    but you have to screw with colors, and factors, and god knows what else.
  5. You can have your list in the MarketMinder window, and click on any stock and it automatically populates the chart.

    If you right click and select "Set-up" (or F4) in a chart, type in your timeframe, # of days back, check "Bar Graph", "CandleStick", and "Show Volume"; now you have a simple candle chart with volume.

    Then right click and select "Display and Analysis" (or F9), "Add Study", and pick what you want.

    Once your chart is set-up, have your "Trend Tool" window open (or click the pencil icon on the toolbar) and plot your tendlines.

  6. newtoet


    It usually takes more than one day to learn ANY new software package. Have you tried reading the help files?

    Give it a week...I have been using RealTick for years and it is pretty easy to setup and configure.