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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Brandonf, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. Brandonf

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    Are any other Realtick users having problems? I can't stay connected to save my life today. It seems like over the last several weeks realtick has had a lot of problems.

  2. Whamo


    Yes, the price server has been bouncing for the last two weeks or so and the options server won't stay up, been reinitializing all day. However my eSignal / Ensign has been much stabler than Realtick.

  3. Same problems with 20 or so accounts ...
  4. jaan


    yes. at 10:07 EST the quote feed simply stopped and has yet to resume... nice to know we're not the only ones having problems though.

    - jaan
  5. I have been having slow data problems for the last couple of weeks. Early in the morning my level II data has been slow as well as my time and sales. I sure wish they would fix this ASAP!!!

  6. Is there a problem with Level 2 quotes at the moment?
  7. nm
  8. Whamo


    Big time laq during this mornings 10:30am up draft...
  9. Same thing with esignal, right as the ES broke loose. Damnit, what do you have to pay to get good quotes in this business????
  10. Real Tick was fine - unusual there though lol
    #10     Nov 13, 2002