realtick problems - anyone?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gaj, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. gaj


    been having lots o' level 1 problems the past 2 days on realtick the first half hour.

    been having problems with lagging level 2 (that is, the quotes get partially stuck on the inside bid/offer, and then lag long after the price has moved through that point) the past month or so.

    been talking with their help desk, can't find the answer. i'm on RT8.8, have reinstalled.

    has anyone else had similar issues?

  2. Truff


    I have had realtick problems for month now. Tired of it. They just raised fees as well. I have switched to esignal as of Feb 1st.
  3. gaj


    rt said other users had problems...but i'm taking tomorrow off, so won't know if things are solved til tuesday...
  4. I used RT in 2001 and as recently as 2006 - too many problems with screen freezes for me - prefer e-signal.
  5. jw2008


    i rarely have any quote issues with realtick, but have seen an occasional stuck bid/offer. my main gripe is with the charts - they tend to freeze and blank out if there is lots of volume being done (fed meeting, etc - ie, right when you need it!).
  6. gaj


    ok, my situation was mainly fixed (some settings tweaked); there's periodically a stuck bid/offer, but it's cleared within a second or two. if it's infrequent (like it's been), i can deal with that.

    and if not, i'll yell at their sales reps in a few weeks at nyc trader's expo...
  7. jw2008


    out of curiosity, what settings did you tweak? i was once told to try ctrl-shift-r to refresh the server connection. sometimes it helps....