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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TKOtrader, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. if anyone, either a realtick expert or anyone else, could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

    this is the problem : everything is working such as, the market minder, the p/l page, and everything else except for ........ my level II and my charts. nothing will come up ever since january 31st.

    now this is the thing..... i have a dial-up connection, and have been having dial-up ever since i started (6 months ago) and everything used to work just fine, since i only hold about 1 or maybe 2 positions at a time. my broker tells me it is probably my connection but i dont see why since it worked just fine for 6 months and is still working fine at my girlfriends house, which is also dial-up connection.

    so i am just wondering what it could be or is it because i have dial-up ? will getting dsl change this ?

    -------- thanks alot !
  2. anyone ? anyone ?
  3. There are a couple of threads on RT problems. This one is fairly common. Make sure you have the latest version, that made a big difference for me. Try to log off and back on. If none of that works call RT tech support. In my experience they are among the best of any data service. Could be you have some connection issues, but I doubt it is just because you are using dialup.
  4. anyone who uses realtick, is a depositor in the market as far as im concerned
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    Over the line, what direct access system are using to trade with if you saying Realtick is not that good? Also I have noticed that over the last couple of months on realitck I have been showing 10 second delays in bringing up chart data...where I get the message (Data Not Returned Yet). I have the latest version...I have a cable modem..and I have other direct access platforms and quote feeds that I use as well all with no problems. I am curious if anybody is experiencing these problems with realtick as well...i feel that it is the chart server that I am being assigned to when it comes to download the who knows...I called my broker and they are trying to work on it...anybody else experiencing these problems?

  7. Yes, we have the same problem.

    There is no current fix ...
  8. with the help of inandlong, i found out what it was.

    there was something wrong with my current realtick so i deleted it and downloaded it again. this fixed everything ! i think he said it was a bug in my directory or something like that (lol)

    my whole computer was running shitty and deleting it and downloading a new one made everything run the way it should.
  9. Based on my own experience and metooxx's comment, I predict you will continue to have problems, hopefully not as bad.

    Townsend really needs to get a handle on this quickly as they are in danger of blowing their whole franchise.