Realtick-problem with 2 monitors

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Harry, Dec 22, 2001.

  1. Harry


    I have problems with my second monitor I just bought. It seems that I cannot display the Realtick window on two monitors. When I start Realtick, it's maximised on my main monitor. When I click on the symbol (middle one of the symbols in the right upper corner) to get a window where I can change size, it just disappeares in the task-bar. So I can only minimize it to the task bar or maximize it to fit in the main monitor but I cannot vary size so it fits into the two monitors I have now.

    If someone can help me, that would be great.

  2. Sounds stupid but had to ask :)
  3. Harry


    It's ok that you have asked - sometimes everybody makes stupid mistakes. But yes, I have - I do not have any problem with any other program - and on another Computer with Win 95 it also works (I'm currently using Win ME and want to wait a bit before installing XP because I want to check before if there are all drivers I need available - so it would be great if it would work with ME in the meantime) - it doesn't seem to be a problem of 2 monitors. It's just that it's only possible to maximize the Realtick-Window or minimize it to the task-bar - and not to have a window with variable size.


    PS: Now I see how hard it is to decribe a problem in English igf it's just your second language ... :)
  4. Try this. Open Realtick then left click on the little realtick symbol in the upper LEFT of the main title bar for Realtick, immediately to the left of the "realTick" name itself. THis brings up a drop down window where you can selcet minimize, maximize, etc. Try selceting "size". If it is "greyed out" then there is some issue you have. If it works, it will turn your cursor into a "four arrow" sizer which you can move to the edge of the RT window, click and hold while you drag and extend the border for RT. Good luck!
  5. monee


    Try going to TAL INI under programs.
    Then where you see Real Tick, below that will be a line that says position.
    Highlite the whole line and delete it.
    Now hit file and save.
    Log off and see if it works.
    I had this problem and this solved it .
    Hope this helps.
  6. Harry


    You saved my day - thanks a lot :) !

    thank you for your help - this is a great forum !