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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mccoyml, Oct 25, 2002.

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    I have been experiencing disconnects from the Price Server several times this week. Usually happens about 10am ET. I first notice the prices in my Level I falling way behind prices reflected in my chart, then all of a sudden my minders and other price data stops updating. The rectangular box notifying you of the disconnect pops open and says it is trying to reconnect but it never can. Sometimes I can get going again if I shut down RealTick and log back in. But several times I have gotten an error message while trying get back in saying that the price server cannot be found. I was down 15 minutes today. And in a position. I have had RealTick for about 2 years and never experienced this severe a problem before.

    Am I the only one? I e-mailed support but was told they have not had any other complaints. They say it must be my ISP. I have DSL and everything else is ok, other RealTick items, Web connections, chatroom connections. The weird thing is that my charts keep going. It is just the prices in minders and Level I and II that stop. I ungraded to the latest release last week. Could that be the problem?

  2. No you are not the only one...
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    It's a very rare day that no server disconnects occur. Most often it is the news server; (either a complete disconnect, or more often, a double-click on headline fails to display the story). There were a couple days last week that were notable for repeated price server disconnects. So, you're not the only one. Running v 7.5 and 768 kbps SDSL here. (Not changing to 7.6 until they fix the hotkey bugs.)
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    No. We have about ten guys in our office and many more in other offices in different cites. Some guys will be rock solid and some guys will be slow and some guys we be knocked off and it is not the same people everyday. We know because we have had to get other platforms and we can compare. So you see because we can eliminate just about everything else we know real tick has problems. However, we also monitor our connections as we have some t-1 point to points and some t-1 internet connections. The chicago area internet loop is starting to have more and more frequent server problems as a whole. Perhaps these telecom flops are negatively effecting the backbone. I have been told it has but I am no expert in this stuff.
  5. Agree; same set-up, same problems ...
  6. I have had the reconnect message box appear during the day, but strangely enough I am still receiving data while it goes through the reconnect process. Not sure what is going on. This started once I installed 7.6.
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    Thanks for the responses. Now I know it is not just me like the support person is trying to convince me. I went back and forth with several e-mails, trying to get an explanation of why, if it is my ISP where the fault is, that I am still getting my charts to update. She always talked around the issue and never directly addressed it. In her last e-mail, she said, "Other things to check: system date/time, version of RealTick in use, whether or not your page was created with an older version of the program. The number of windows you currently have open." As if I was a new user not aware of these issues. At this point, I knew she was not willing to really help.

    Does anyone know if all the servers originate from the same place or are they scattered around the country? I live in the Los Angeles area. Is there a way to isolate a specific server where the issue is?

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    Realtick is a toy....
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    And your recommended alternative is..................?