RealTick price increase

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jhithers, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. jhithers


    Any RT users here? What are your thoughts on the big price increase?
  2. jw2008


    i've been using RT for about 4 years now and i'm not sure what to think about the price increase - seems they want $800/month up from $265. either they're looking to ditch the retail side of it, or their new owner (Lehman) wants to turn it into a stronger revenue stream ((maybe they tried and failed to adopt it for internal use and want to make it stand on its own?)).

    i really dislike changing platforms, so will probably absorb the cost, but it's a stinker nonetheless.
  3. gaj


    link please? i can't find it in my RT emails...
  4. jw2008


    no link, all based off a long conversation with my account rep in chicago and my own guessing about motivations.
  5. gaj


    damn ; heard nothing about it at all. will have to (re)assess all options...something else to talk about with service reps in nyc...

  6. jw2008


    no problem. i'd be curious to hear what your reps have to say as well.

    my experience with realtick has been very good, so i'm willing to put up with the price increase - just want to know it's a platform i can count on for the future. hope so!