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  1. mike s

    mike s

    I like to put up the pivot point lines on the spoos and naz futures using the feature on the charts under attributes/show pivot lines.

    The problem is that it doesn't show the correct pivot points until some time after the market is open. And then it seems to only show the correct pivots if I close and reopen the program after the market opening.

    Since the pivots are derived from the previous day's numbers it seems that they should be available after the close and definately before the next day's open for immediate use.

    So, am I doing it correctly or missing something?


  2. The pivots for the current day will only show up after the market opens. I just refresh my page right at the open.

    I have the pivot formulas plugged into Excel and just cut and paste closing prices into the spreadsheet the night before to have for the next day.
  3. mike s

    mike s

    How do you refresh the trading page? Open and close?

    Also, why don't they write the program to figure the pivots after the close? Makes sense to me.

    Thanks for your reply (s)
  4. Yes, I just close and re-open the page. I have no idea why the new pivots can't be seen until the next day's open, since they use the 3-number pivot, and don't include the next day's opening prices.

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    In the Setup, do use set for 1 day chart or 2 days?
  6. I have mine set for 5 days.
  7. mike s

    mike s

    Mine is set for 2 days, 5 min. bars.

    Chris' earlier response brought another question to mind.

    What's the formula for pivot points using the opening price as part of the equation? Seems I've heard of such a thing but never saw any numbers on it.

  8. H + L + C + O / 4

    H = Previous day's high
    L = Previous day's low
    C = Previous day's close
    O = Current day's open
  9. mike s

    mike s

    Do traders then use this new pivot to figure the r1,r2,s1,s2 numbers with a formula?

    Any idea what's more popular w/ most floor traders and traders in general? The three or four number?

    Just what I need, more numbers to think about!:D
  10. TNO-Mike


    Mike S,

    To refresh the RealTick page, I might suggest simply clicking on Page > Page Manager > and then your current page should already be highlighted and you could just click on Open and it will refresh the page. That or you could also create a Hotkey for your page. To do this just go to Page > Page Manager > Click on Rename and type in a HotKey. If you do select this option, it may be advisable to select a Hotkey such as !, @, #, %, etc. Basically something you wouldn't normally be typing in during the day.

    Hope this helps,

    Michael Garvey
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