Realtick - Outdated?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sharp2be, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. I'm currently testing Realtick and although it looks nice the technology looks old... I hear a lot of professional traders using it... what's the big deal on this platform? the feed?
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    I use realtick and I like it a lot. Honestly though if I was just starting out now, probably I'd not be a Realtick user. In my case I continue to use it because I have for 10 years and I'm just comfortable with it and don't feel like screwing around to get comfortable with another platform.
  3. Brandonf, thanks for your response. It sounds as you've done some investigation since you've said that you'd not be a Realtick user if you're starting now. Would you mind providing your opinion on what you'd use instead? Please do it over PM if you prefer.

  4. What about lightspeed ?
  5. flut - looking for a platform that offers Canadian stocks as well.... from their site, lightspeed does not.
  6. I use RT and have for many years. Why do you say the technology is old? What issues have you found with it?

    I wouldn't change to another platform for anything.
  7. Maggandre, regarding the technology on RT --- I have been in software development for over 17 years.. RT is still an old Win32 app... nothing wrong with it (good performance, etc) but extremely costly to move forward/enhance it...
  8. Question for RealTick users out there --

    Can you create custom studies? Thanks.
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    I've not really used too many other platforms aside from Tradestation and Esignal. I've seen some that other people had (I cant remember what they where) though and thought wow, if I wasnt so lazy and just already used to using realtick I'd check that out. The biggest problem, to me, with Realtick is that it's just kind of clunky. Symbols and charts are often very slow to come up, esp in the evening, and I think that the "upgrade" they made to it 3 or 4 years ago really sucks. It went from being a very intuitive program to one that was obviously written by programmers.
  10. Sharp2be

    I used Realtick for many years, charting only, not for execution.

    I had to give it up several months ago because during news releases the data feed was just way too slow especially for trading the eminis.

    I use this and have been much happier than with Realtick.

    Good Luck

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