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  1. lol my thoughts exactly.

    Is IB seriously thinking of designing a competitive Chart/Quote Platform to rival Tradestation RealTick Esignal Qcharts etc?

    If not where is IB heading in this regard? Tell us how far IB is willing to go and we'll give you some suggestions.
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  2. "What are the RealTick features that you most frequently use and IB does not offer?"

    How about charting. LOL On a more serious note I like RealTick charting and their NYSE Tick and Sector data is not delayed like eSignal's. I have used IB as a broker for 3 years and have not had any problems and they do not charge as much as others. Many have a problem with IB customer service but I have never had to call them. I have been trading long enough that I do not need someone to hold my hand or explain how things work. So I do not see any reason to pay extra for that.

    I was just wondering if there was some third party system to intagrate the two that I did not know about.

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  3. You guys who keep whining about IB not having "charting" are really a bunch of crying babies.
    Look, you *cannot* have all features in the same platform. PERIOD.
    If you want great charts, then get a *professional* charting platform and you're done! Why screw up your broker's resources when they should be putting all their efforts into *execution*!

    Serious traders have 1+ trading platform, 1+charting program, 2+computers, etc.

    Only the mickey mouse tykes who trade 1 security all day or at 1 time want all their little crap in the same window.

    If you trade 10-100 stocks a day, what good will IB charting do?
    It will actually slow things down!

    Oh, and then the same whiners will be complaining about the bad/missing ticks on the charts and demanding this feature and that moving average and the rest will be paying for the higher fees to put up will all this bullshit.

    Get your own charts.
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  4. nitro


    Sure. I do this everyday, but not with a plugin for Realtick the charting software, but using the Realtick API for data and IB as the execution platform.

    PM me if you want a custom solution.

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  5. BSAM


    I'm down with that!
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  6. nah its just u "big hitter scalpers" who need all those "professional" tools.
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  7. Question


    Try RML Trading 1.50 base commiss plus .005 a share for realtick executions.
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