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  1. Is there a way to intergrate IB into RealTick for placing orders with some kind of broker plugin? Looking into the broker partners with RealTick it seems like they all want an arm and a leg to make a trade.
  2. you get what you pay for.
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    Hmmmm.....I don't necessarily "buy" that.:cool:
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    As a RT3 user for 5 years, I agree.
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    See TerraNova Trading for RealTick.
    Negociate the commission level.
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    What are you trying to achieve??

    If you want the execution that realtick provides with the features of IB just choose ARCA as your destination.

    If you wan the frills of RealTick you have to pay up...

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    I too use RealTick and IB. I also wish that there was a way to integrate them. IB has very good service and great commissions as well as being an integrated broker (all types of trading). I'm stuck w/RealTick due to the mechanical system I use; however, aside from price, I can't complain about them.

    Let me know if you find a way.

  8. Real Tick is excellent no doubt...but

    is excellent and inexpensive.....and integrates with IB...

    excellent people and technology....
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    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    What are the RealTick features that you most frequently use and IB does not offer?

  10. Is this a serious question?
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