RealTick Hotkeys (Bugs)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Lancer, Nov 2, 2001.

  1. Lancer


    Is anyone else seeing these problems with RealTick Sell hotkeys?

    (Edit order action settings: Action Type "Sell"; "Interact with Active Order View for Missing Parameters; Quantity "Use Position"; Options (anything)).

    1. With "Long/Short Crossover Warning" and "Confirm all Trades" selected in Warnings/Confirmations, executing a Sell hotkey without a corresponding long position should present the warning popup "Convert Order to SellShort?". The popup appears after a fresh RealTick startup, but after some time, the popup fails to appear. The user is instead presented with the Confirm Order popup which shows the order configured as SellShort, not Sell.

    2. When long and selling, the Confirm Order popup reports the order a SellShort, not Sell.

    3. When long and a sell order is entered, the OrderBook displays the order as "SellShort" instead of "Sell". When filled, the OrderBook displays "Sold Short" (purple) instead of "Sold" (blue). The long position is sold and the account balances, but the OrderBook reports the closing Sell incorrectly.

    These hotkey problems develop after RealTick runs awhile. A program shutdown and restart restores correct function. (V, Build 1010)
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    I heard from tech support that Townsend was having some issues with version 7.4 and were recommending to revert back to 7.2. I'm really not sure of the exact issues but you may try calling tech support (which can be found at
  3. I've also had many issues with the hot keys in 7.4. THe worst is I have keys to discount my sell or put a premium on my bid for fast moving markets. Many times when I go to use these keys, they simply revert to the current inside bid or offer. THus I try to sell below the bid in a tanking market and my hot key sends out a sell at the offer price. Gee thanks. The only fix I have found is to go back into hot key configuration for that key, click OK and then it seems to work again (ie I change nothing just access the set up box and click OK). Pretty frustrating as I have no confidence in these must have hot keys right now.
  4. Lancer


    Well, it looks as if there are multiple hotkey issues. If you are experiencing hotkey bugs (particularly bugs costing you money), post here and I'll forward to the RealTick product manager.