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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stevet, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. IRAF


    I had the same problem about a year ago, when I really wanted to have 3 tabs for 1, 5 and 15 minutes respectively. I contacted
    MB Trading and they promptly designed this tab for me. You can obviously change any of the chart studies, time frames, etc. within each chart.

    Since I cannot upload this file to this board as it 's extension is not on the allowed list, private message me or e-mail me and I will e-mail you the file.

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  2. TNO-Mike


    If you would like a particular tab layout on the Stock window that is not currently available, Terra Nova Online can create that for you. Please Personal Message me with what layout you would like and we will create this and email it to you.

    Michael Garvey
    Client Services
    Terra Nova Online
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  3. TAfool


    You cannot change the number of tabs visable, i.e. add or remove tabs, nor can you change the base content of a tab. What I mean by that is that if you have a chart tab it cannot be changed to a minder, web content, or account tab, etc. etc.

    What you can do is change how the base info is displayed. It isn't really that limiting. Just decide what base content you want on each tab and let your broker know and they should build it for you. Once you get it back customize the look to suit your taste.

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  4. stevet


    thank you - everyone for your responses
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  5. This is not true

    I just hung up the phone with RealTick technical support. You can design your own STOCKS windows and TAB files. Well, here's the rub Stanley - you need to have the permissions, and typically the permissions are not given to end users. They are however given to brokers accounts. That is why they tell you to contact your broker to have them designed.

    I would like to see the following enhancements to RealTick:

    1.) Individually hide a windows title bar.

    2.) Docking status bar that can be moved to the right of the main windows menu bar. Saves screen space.

    3.) Add a frame or pane layer to the window heirarchy. Lets call it a pane. Lets say you have three monitors. Each monitor could have its own pain. Each pain would have its own child windows (Minders, Makers, Stocks, Charts, etc.). The only difference would be that when you maximize a child window, it would only fill that pane and not the entire main window.

    4.) Hot keys to turn on and off each of the 3 chart panes. Say you want to turn off the volume study in pane 3, <CTRL> 3 would toggle it on and off.

    5.) Hot key to toggle on and off ALL studies in a chart. Sometimes you just want to see the bars without all the studies. Need a key sequence to turn them ALL off and on.

    6.) Add the time to the OZ scanners and HotTrend. It would also be nice to have a Minder column that you could click on and a check or an X would appear. Indicating that you already looked at that symbol.

    7.) Drop down list box in Minder that would allow loading of a new symbol list (watch list)

    8.) Add your own study formulas to charts. I was suprised to find out that you can't do 5 day average intraday range.

    Well, this is only my fourth day using the program. I'm sure I'll come up with more.
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  6. davealex


    Here, here! This is critical. Right now I am doing this on a piece of paper, fer cryin out loud. It is really annoying in this computer age to have to write down "XYZ 398k shrs $32.45 @ 10:20 est" and then have to use it for a reference the rest of the day when a stock appears, disappears, reappears, appears on a different scan and then disappears again.

    I want to know three things (more than I know now) for my Oz scans:

    1. WHAT TIME it showed up.

    2. What the PRICE and VOLUME were when it first showed up.

    3. Whether I have LOOKED AT IT already.

    And it would certainly be nice to be able to right click on a symbol in the scan minder and select "Don't show this stock again today" and have it not appear again for the rest of the day. I already looked at the stock, I don't like it, and I don't want to have to wade through everything I don't want all day to find the few that I do. Like I said, right now I am using paper to write all this down, which is kind of silly in this day and age.

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  7. ronb107


    I'm thinking of subscribing to RealTick for both HotTrend and the Oz scanners.

    Can anyone provide feedback on their experience with either?

    Just how effective has HotTrend been>

    TIA, Ron
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  8. TNO-Mike



    As idea generators both Hottrend and the Tony Oz Scanners have been popular editions to RealTick, and although as an employee of Terra Nova I can't give you feed back on their effectiveness the following links may provide you with a good resource for information on both.

    For general information on Hottrend, please visit Hottrend

    For information on the Tony Oz Scanners, please check out

    Also if you would like to learn more about both, we welcome you to join us on one of our daily WebEx tutorials. It's a live session in which you have a RealTick page on your computer and are on a conference call during which we cover the basics and then have an open Q/A session. Call us at 1.866.996.8566 to sign up for a session.


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  9. ronb107



    I appreciate the feedback. I am familiar with those sites and Tony Oz's books (which covers the scans of interest).

    However, at $250/mo. I wanted some valid confirmation that either of these two services are more than a marketing tool.

    Not having RealTick, I don't know if I qualify for the daily WebEx tutorials. Tell me more about this.

    TIA, Ron
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  10. TNO-Mike



    No RealTick subscription is needed to join us for a WebEx, but a good internet connection (Dsl, Cable, etc.) is recommended. I mention the WebEx because in IMO it's a the best way to learn the platform and all the features RealTick offers. Ask them to discuss the Tony Oz Scanner's and Hottrend before the meeting begins and both will be covered.
    I wanted some valid confirmation that either of these two services are more than a marketing tool.

    After the WebEx you can request a personal demo, at which time you would be able to download the software and then use it from your home or office. This will give you a better feel for both and after viewing the scanners in real-time you can decide if they will benefit your trading.

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