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  1. stevet


    Can anyone kindly help with the following

    A) Just trying out realtick and the use of tabs looks real interesting on the stock window - but in help it says that you can control tabs by the use of

    "Change the tabs on the Stocks window

    You can add or remove tabs on the Stocks window.

    1. Click Configure Tabs on the Design menu. "

    but i dont seem to have a "Configure Tabs" in the "Design Menu"

    B) also tried to do a - 10XSPY but could not find a way to get it to work as each time it returns a message that it does not have that data

    C) is it possible with a multi monitor system to have a different page for each monitor - all up at the same time - so that if you blow up a chart or any other window on a page - it only blows up into its respective monitor
  2. Stevet,

    I just subscribed to RealTick last week. I emailed TechSupport about this. You can only create new STOCK windows with tabs. The tabs are imported from the file. You can not design a .tab file. Howerer, tech support emailed me several of the .tab files that they have. None of which suit my needs exactly. Each tab can contain a child window (chart, MarketMinder, etc.)

    You can also save favorites. Tony Oz has some nice STOCKS windows in his page layouts that RealTick made for him. You can open up his pages, save the STOCK window as a favorite. Then, open your layout, and open the favorite that you saved.

    I asked RealTick when they anticipate the user having "tab" design capability. I'll let you know when they reply.

    I was thinking about starting a RealTick wish list thread. IMO, RealTick's charting is better than ESignal - it still has many shortcomings.

    I don't know wha you mean about a 10XSPY. Could you give more detail?

    Regarding the monitor question. All windows are encapsulated within the main window. I agree that there should be a maximum size when you maximize a window. I think in order to do this, there would have to be another windowing layer in the application.

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    all i want to do with it is create a number of tabs for time - 5min, 15min, 30mins and day - i am sure it can do it - as one of the examples was not far off this - but still trying to figure it out

    esignal charting was always considered as something they just threw in as it was rubbish - but now they are obviously worried - i guess by realtick - so they are in the process of adding real charting
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  5. Jeffo,

    Thanks. Do you know who built this chart? I wonder if I can build these with MS Visual Studio. They might be serialized COM objects. I did some hacking around with a HEX editor but I can't quite figure them out.

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    thanks for that link

    are u up on this though - is the point of this that tabs are not supported by real tick and you have to work out your own programming for them
  7. Jeffo,

    Here's the email that I got from Townsend Tech Support.

    I thought that RealTick was a little more advanced then they actually are. I hope they can catch up quickly.

  8. stevet


    when they say - you cannot configure your own tabs - what do they mean?

    is there anywhere in real tick where i can get "stocks" to just show a 1,5,15,30 min candle chart of one stock?
  9. TAfool


    You can customize just about anything in RT except the tab layouts on a stock box. You can customize the look of each tab, just not the actual tabs that go into the Stock box.

    Two ways to get what you need; one is to download others' RT pages and copy what you like to your Favorites file, if you find something you like there, the other is to send a request for the layout that you want to your broker.

    Contact your broker and let them know exactly what you want built and if you have a good broker, Like TerraNova-MB, they will build it for you. You will get the layout you want in a .tab file (place it into the PARM directory). Open the file then customize how you want it to look. Once it's correct save it off to your favorites list so it can be opened the same way each time.

    Are you using the Pro or lite version? I think the Lite version only uses Stock boxes so it is a lot less customizable than the Pro version.

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    is it the number of tabs that you cannot control, or is it what is on each tab, that you cannot control?
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