Realtick & Export of Pre-/Aftermkt Quotes to Excel

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by karabugla, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. hi,

    does anyone know if its possible to export premkt and aftermkt trades to excel (must be the 'irg trades' i guess)?

    thx for ur answers,

  2. Marco


    You might want to try setting up a Table. In the table setup box you can choose your data period and set times for excluding data. Click the Table screen in RealTick, then press Ctrl + Insert from your keyboard. The system copies the data. Open an Excel sheet and move your mouse where you want to insert the data. Click Paste on the Edit menu of the Windows application or press Ctrl + V. The system will then paste the data.
  3. hi marco,

    thx for ur answer.
    friend of mine told me the field number for irg trades which is 6041. works also fine.

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  4. jem


    well while we are on this does anyone want to advise me on how they would use real tick to feed the data into an excel spreadsheet to do opening orders and do back testing to see which ones work best. Just thought I ask because I am about to pay someone to help me program it.