RealTick down again?

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  1. I lost RT and can't log back in. Anyone else down?
  2. Nope Realtick is working here on the east coast. Very fast today in fact no complaints.
  3. Working fine out here on the Sunny WEST COAST!

    10:03 AM PST.

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    Is anyone having problems with Realtick today?

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  6. No - in NYC.
  7. Brandonf

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    Its been fine for me, but I have not downloaded the new version. Toni downloaded the new version that they told us to download earlier this week and it was acting like shit for her until I unistalled it and put the older version back on. I never download a new version of Realtick until the old one absolutly does not work anymore and that seems to work the best of anything.

  8. I downloaded the new version and it works ok, except a couple of charts per page seem to freeze and flatline. Tech support told me yesterday this was an issue they were address, and apparently it is server related.

    It also seems to me the new version sucks up more RAM.

    I have been somewhat critical of RT but I will say their tech reps are second to none. I dealt with a guy named Jeremy who was just brilliant.
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    Ditto that statement! That applies to all trading software. I think IB's TWS has gone through about 10 revisions since I updated. Just too many bad experiences and I do not want to deal with the problems until I am forced to do so.
  10. Anyone else having blank charts?

    And what is the best replacement for RT? IB and ESig combo? How are Lev II quotes for QCharts?
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