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  1. Someone has to fix something :(
  2. Mine was ok, now has suddenly lost all nasdaq tickers. weird.

    All the bells and whistles in the world don't count for shit if the service doesn't work. I have to wonder as well why they don't have someone monitoring this thread like esig does.
  3. Correction. Didn't lose ALL nasdaq, just tickers from G to P or something like that. Who knows? Still very annoying.


    My Realtick subscription is cancelled as of November 1st.

    This is ridiculous.
  5. Don't understand how they can have ES fine but lose NQ feed -- what is that?
  6. Cancelled mine this month.

    They wanted to talk to me as to WHY.

    I gave them an earful.

    They have a LOT of issues right now.
    Someone at RealTick better wake up before they lose
    all their customers over the next year.


  7. nitro



    I was seriously considering the RT datafeed. All this talk is scarring me out of it.

    Unfortunately, AFAIK, there are no decent broadcast feeds at this price level :(

  8. The message that came out was 7.7 was behind in quotes in this morning. I told you the new version is a piece of beta crap as of this writing still. 7.6 was running perfectly though so I have to give them credit where its due.
  9. I am using 7.6 and it just crashed:(

  10. I actually also just got a server relog on 7.6. I spoke too soon. Those however are pretty quick to reset.
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