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  1. Hi All,

    TalTrade offers a programming toolkit for Realtick customers. I had a look onto this API and found out it is really nice and professionally organized. ( Given the RealTick quote qualities it seems it is worth the high price. But I could not find out if a standard realtick subscription will give you the right to use the API. Are there any programmers out there who use this toolkit ? Does anybody know what I will need to subscribe for ?
  2. A basic subscription will give you access to all the tables with the possible exception of the marketmakers (level II) table (I haven't checked, since I don't need that table at the moment.)

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    I am (also) a realtick developer.
    you need to sign a non disclosure agreement to get access to the development kit. It does require a subscription to the data feed but you don't have to pay extra.
    It is not legit to use the development kit without the agreement. There are 3 ways to use the API (VC++, VB and a special low level mode). although the API has its shortcomings it is well documented and it is rock solid.

  4. orb


    I don't suppose there are versions of the library for use
    on UNIX machines. I'd be interested in solaris or linux myself. Just curious.
  5. Does the toolkit also allow you to place orders or is it just for quote retrieval. I have a brokerage realtick account and would like to automate some trading ideas I have, but short of using IB's Excel DDE interface or Mytrack's API, there doesn't seem to be many options out there.
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    orb : you may use the Tuber interface to realtick. it works with Unix systems. please contact hyperfeed (realtick / pcquote) for more information.

    echo : the NDA I signed for only offers access to data feeds (historical and realtime). It does not mean another API would not be available for trading. I bet it is, but is it public. that's another story. please contact them.

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    about 2 years ago I attempted to get the order entry API from Townsend... had to present myself as a partner in a daytrading shop, and also had to fight through tons of redtapes, in the end I gave up, those people seemed not to have any motivation on providing the order API.

    Now that IB is providing the DDE, it's well suited for swing trading stocks.. for intraday trading, I gave up on stocks long time ago already.
  8. tntneo,

    Odd about the NDA agreement, you'd think they'd mention it on their website, I saw nothing about it on any of the TAL sites. clearly states that they have no plans to offer an api to order entry. Also, pcquote is just a reseller.

    re: platform, here's a quote from

    'The TAL Toolkit includes Townsend Analytics' fast, proprietary, binary data format, TAL3, as well as CFText and Excel "Fast Table." With the TAL Toolkit, you can write Windows applications in Visual Basic or C, or write for any platform in any language through a generic TCP socket'

  9. The API is Win32 only. There is a socket implementation, they call it Tuber, but it runs on top of the win32 stuff (!) and to license tuber, you must run your own TA_SRV (that is the Tal Server software). I do not want to know what that would cost...