RealTick acting up?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Brandonf, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. Brandonf

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    Has anyone else been having trouble with Realtick all morning? Mine has been 100% worthless. These guys really need to get their act together, they used to be the best.
  2. Bsulli


    Heck I gave them almost 4 years to get the act together. Finally left in early January and haven't had a crash or blown trade since do to software of order entry problems and commissions dropped 2/3rd's as well. Don't miss them a bit. Was tough giving them up and now that I'm gone I realized I was only fooling myself by staying into thinking they were the cadallic of trading when they aren't anymore. To many other players have caught up and passed them while their owner is out sailing in yacthing races.

    My opinion only, your mileage my vary.
  3. shneed



    Same here. Their response was that some servers were down.

  4. So who did you go with?

    I would love to leave the realtick but I need the NYSE Openbook and futures, any suggestions out there?
  5. trader3


    What realtick is a leader in is giving excuses for their sub par performance.
  6. Bsulli


    Amen Brother, ROFLMAO!

  7. nkhoi


    left in 1999 and never figure out why others still using it.
  8. Bsulli


    I only trade futures so can't help you with the Openbook question, but instead of just saying I went will so and so this is what I did.

    I literally had to force myself to trial(IE cough up the money for temporary alternate data feeds) and tried other charting packages( 4 months to be exact) until I found one that suited my needs. Same went for order entry platform. I talked with vendors who allow demo's of their systems.

    The only reason I hung in there with RT 3 for so long was having charts and order entry in the same package believing that was somehow this was an added value feature(despite the high commission cost associated with all RT brokers). Well I ended up with darn near the same thing without the darn flickering charts(hated that)and the hanging at critical conjunctures in a trade(in other words being stuck in a trade and having to call the broker to bale me out because of RT).

    I had to admit that RT was a huge comfort zone for me because I had used it for so long and I paid a high price because of it. Both in comissions, losses when it locked or crashed and the expense of the software. For futures only traders the broker I was with raised the requirements to 300 trades to waive the fees. I generally do 50 to 100 trades so most months I took the hit.

    Good luck and good trading, but by all means get out of your comfort zone and look around. There are better alternates out there!

    My constitutional protected two cents worth. :)

  9. Catoosa


    I do not generally use RealTick to place orders as there is a lot better order entry systems; However, when it comes to charting and tables, I have 8 of my monitors dedicated to RealTick and it works great and I would not trade without this information. If there is other equal software at a better price, what is it, as RealTick is a bit expensive at $250 per month?

  10. Harry123


    I have been using Realtick for about 5 years now and I must say that they have become short of a joke. Their chart feeds on my system take up to 10-15 seconds to load up. I'm using top of the line computers with 1 gig mem and cable modem. I also am used to their system and have been reluctant to change probably do to the comfort zone feeling. I trade through Terra Nova Online and I will be taking 50% of my money from them and putting it with Trade Station Securities. I will run both systems side by side and see which one works for me. I have 2 computers both 2.5 gig Pentiums 1 gig mem each...and both with 2 dual 19" flat screen monitors (4 in all). I'm a rather large account and quite put off by Realtick at this point and it has nothing to do with software fees as I have always had them rebated back to me every month for the last 5 years. All in all, I feel that Tradestation will work for me...I may keep realtick account as well or simply get MetaStock Professional Charts as my main chart program. I also have an account with Interactive Brokers but I dont use them that much....I'm too old fashioned and I like to have more than just an order entry scaled down system. Any suggestions or reccomendations before I make the move?
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