Realtick 8.1 Charting problem

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by listedguru, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. I just recently switched to Realtick 8.1 (from 7.7) because I could not get my order entry buttons to show up in 7.7 after moving to a new computer. Anyways I am having trouble with the charts on version 8.1

    For some reason if I have a 10 min intraday chart (for instance) linked to a marker maker screen and leave it there for sometime the chart will not update - it just flatlines. Any idea whats going on here? My data in my level II is realtime (and correct) but my charts won't update...

  2. hi,

    call townsend. also, if you are on comcast you'll need to set your DNS servers manually--they have technical issues currently.

  3. I had that problem on a daily chart, and just clicked "Setup" in the chart window, and "OK" - it prompted it to start updating. Not an optimal thing to have to do, but at least I have not had to do it again.
  4. Does it take a lot longer for your 8.1 to load, or is it just me? I thought I saw a post about that on the other thread, but it seemed to disappear.

    All in all, 8.1 has a lot of cool, new stuff. But, it took me a few days to get used to it...
  5. Well it look like I may have fixed my Realtick 8.1 charting issue? The tech guys suggested doing a complete uninstall and a reinstall and that seemed to do the trick.

    I am having another issue with Realtick one that I have had since way back. My windows always seem to move around and constantly need to be readjusted (especially charts). It seems like the more I type in new symbols and switch charts, etc the more they seem to move around the page (it's pretty annoying to me).

    Is this normal?

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    I have never had such a problem. I have about 30 RealTick windows spread out over eight monitors. I am using RT 8.0.

  7. yep. it works fine if there are no 'issues'.

    but, i see your approach is better then mine; i have eight people watching one monitor; will switch around :)

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