Realtick 7.7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by listedguru, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Anyone here using realtick version 7.7? I had heard some bad things about it when it initially came out. Just wondering if those issues have been cleared up?

    I am still using 7.6 but lately my level II is running way behind. Not sure if this is a 7.6 problem or if 7.7 users are having this problem as well?

  2. Catoosa


    I have RealTick 7.7 installed on my Win 2000 system. I did not like the data support for 7.7. So, I put one of my old hard drives with Win 98 and RealTick 7.6 back into my trading computer. RealTick 7.6 is getting data from the old servers. RealTick 7.7 would be OK if it added new functionality while retaining all of the 7.6 functionality and 7.6 data support.