Realtick 7.7

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  1. is due out in about a month from now, and comes with a better server technology that will be able to handle fast S&P futures markets like we saw in the last hour today.

    The Beta Version of 7.7 is already out, for those of you that are interested.

  2. Thanks for the info Waggie, where did you get the beta?

    Are there any user communities for Realtick? I find their
    website somewhat lacking they offer no support unless
    you phone them up. Not even a system status page,
    what's up with these people I liken them to old style brokers
    who haven't come into the internet age yet!

  3. The gal that I spoke to in tech-support offered me the opportunity to move up to 7.70, since it has a new server technology that addresses fast markets, and heavy quotation bottlenecks.

    Like I said, I have a REFCO Pro-Trader platform and it beats the crap out of my Hammer S&P futures quotes. Realtick, however is usually pretty close, but the quotes coming out of the REFCO platform are the fastest that I have ever seen.
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    R U in Chicago?

  5. No.

    Nitro, I am based out on the West Coast, in California.

    Seriously, I can't tell you how fast the REFCO trading platform is for the S&P's . . . It's so far ahead of Assent's Hammer Platform, it isn't even funny!

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    waggie945, Interesting.

    Can you tell me more about the connectivity you have? T1, DSL, Cable?

    Also, is this a citrix solution?


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    Does anyone know any1 that has used stormchaser ? and or could any veterans offer some recommendations as to which scanners are among the better ones to have. ( I think it works with real tick as an add on):confused: :)
  9. If so, how was the experience? I'll be downloading the new version tonight and report here tomorrow after the bell.
  10. Another RT fiasco, half my charts flatlined. Downloaded the latest release, then it took 45 minutes to get it to log on. now half the charts are blank. They charge for this shit?????
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